"hand-made" turkey shirt tutorial

my cousin made these for their family night recently.
i thought they were uh-dorable!

she was nice enough to share her idea with me and
gave me permission to show you! : )
thanks Caroline!

white shirt or onesie
fabric paint for turkey (brown, red, yellow, orange)
fabric puff paint or fabric markers in black and red (for turkey face and name)
sponge paint brushes

cardboard or poster board

foot and hand turkey shirt:
pour brown, red, yellow, and orange paint onto a paper plate.

lay shirt down on flat surface and smooth it out.

place a piece of cardboard poster board between the shirt so the paint does not bleed through.

paint food brown and place the heel of the foot up towards the neck of the shirt. 
remember to press firmly.  
the heel will act as the turkey face and your toes as the turkey feet.

paint entire hand red and place on shirt in a fan pattern for turkey feathers.  
repeat this step with orange and yellow.

finish by adding the turkey face and your name.

we chose to do this one~
single hand turkey shirt:

prepare the shirt with the poster or cardboard {just like before}.

for the body of the turkey paint the palm of your hand and thumb brown. 

then paint each finger a different color for each of the feathers. 
colors for the feathers are your choice.

place your hand down on the shirt and press down firmly. 

lift your hand straight up while holding down the shirt.

draw the turkey's legs and face with fabric markers or paint. 

allow shirt to dry for 24hrs before wearing.
{or overnight}

i added the "EAT HAM" under the turkey, but you could 
write HAPPY THANKSGIVING or whatever you want ; )

is that not the cutest thanksgiving shirt ever?!
my kids are super excited to wear them on thursday 
{we're going to go eat lunch with them that day too!}

happy turkey day!


  1. those turned out AMAZING!
    love them love them!
    I am excited to see pictures of y'all wearing them :)

  2. These are super cute! I loved both shirts. Have a wonderful thanksgiving!