coconut cake balls

tell me you've made them or 
tried them...died from eating one...or at least heard of them...

if not...
it's time!

today i'm making
coconut cake balls
using a Duncan Hines Coconut Supreme cake mix

just follow the baking directions on the box.

once it's baked, let it cool for a bit~ you can fold that 
load of laundry while you wait ;)

now comes the fun messy part ~
using your hands, mix the baked cake with a jar of icing. the 
entire jar. i know, that's a lot... do it anyway.

i'm using Coconut Pecan. you can use cream cheese, white...
whatever you've got on hand. the combinations are endless!

it seems to never fail that while i'm mixing the two together that the phone rings.
so i like to wear some latex gloves- easy on, easy off... less mess!

now you can roll the "dough" into small cake balls. they'll make a lot.
you can share with your friends, neighbors, family, coworkers...
{great way to make friends!}
stick them in the freezer for a while- maybe an hour or so.

melt chocolate chips/chocolate bark {you can even use white chocolate} in the 
microwave, according to package directions.

dip the cake balls into the melted chocolate and place on wax paper.
since they're frozen, they'll coat really well and dry really fast.

{little trick~ use 2 plastic forks and break out the middle two prongs. now you can dip the 
cake balls and not waste the chocolate!}

you could make them extra fancy by adding coconut to the outside
before they dry, or nuts or cute sprinkles... you know, be creative!

i like to store them in the freezer or refrigerator.
we have to ration them around here...

time to go finish mine ~ i think the cake is cool!

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