our favorite kind of mess!

we made this slime last summer
and loved it!

not for human consumption

it's fun for the whole family and a 
great activity to cure summertime boredom

you need ~

2 mixing bowls
8 oz Elmer's glue (yes, Elmer's, not generic)
food coloring (green & yellow would be fun for boys!)
spoon (for stirring)
1 tbsp Borax (it's in the laundry detergent aisle, if you don't have any)
resealable plastic bag, or plastic container with lid

first, mix one cup cold water with 8 oz glue in one mixing bowl.
next, mix 1 tbsp borax with 1/2 cup of very hot (not boiling) water. stir well until borax is dissolved.
third, add about 10 drops of each food coloring (or more for 1 color) to the borax/water mixture.
then, slowly add the not borax/water mixture to the glue/water mixture. stir with spoon for a few seconds.

using your hands, reach into the bowl and mix everything together. 
don't worry- in less than a minute you'll have a gooey stretchy (non-sticky) mess!

once your all done playing, store it in a plastic resealable bag or covered plastic container. 
it'll keep for several weeks as long as it's refrigerated when you're not playing with it.

have fun making a mess!


  1. love it
    now I just need to buy some elmer's

  2. We made it last summer too...because you suggested it! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your suggestions. Now if I can get it to look like yours....hmmmm!

    Ours was yellow...and the lil 2 was rather scared of it...he was 1.5 years old. Maybe a better time this summer.

    Thanks a million!