bunk beds, quilts and designer pillows

while house hunting, we were introduced to ana white. she is amazing! there are so many plans on her website that we want to build. we just finished the first set of these fantastic bunk beds. making them ourselves was the only way to go! the wood cost us about $80. the cheapest we've found bunk beds was walmart.com for $180.

this is ella and bryn's bunk with their adorable new bedding:

i love the pottery barn look, but not the pottery barn price. these quilts are so affordable! they are lightweight and perfect for the look i was going for.  white sheets and white woven blankets from wal-mart finished it off.

each of the kids chose their quilts from target.com. here they are up close:

 katherine chose this beautiful aqua quilt. i love the wavy design in it. it reminds me of the beach.

the boys each have this quilt. it's simple and perfect for their room.

this was olivia's second choice. she wanted red, but we couldn't find it at the time, so she settled for this yummy buttercream yellow. since she and katherine share a room, i think it was an excellent choice. the flower stitching is my favorite.

 ella's favorite color is purple. i love this shade and how well it goes with bryn's bedding. notice the same flower stitching as olivia's quilt. ties it all together nicely.

bryn calls this "favorite color pink". although the heart-shaped stitching is my least favorite, it was perfect for her. 

while the boys and katherine and olivia are waiting for their bunk beds, katherine decided to use her gift cards from hobby lobby and for fabric to make pillows for her and olivia's new beds. 

don't you love the fabric she chose?

they turned out beautifully. we sewed a 3" border around them and used fiber-fill to make them the perfect size for their beds. 
 she also chose a pale yellow fabric and ruffle for a second set of pillows. 

we're still working on them, as well as a third set in the same pale yellow fabric.
stay tuned for the finished products!


  1. I love all of it! Great job on the beds, bedding and the pillows. So talented!

  2. OMG! I'm soooo impressed! Seriously, looks darling. I love the kids bedding choices too. I'm inspired!