i heart you wall art

have you seen this at target? i loved it and thought it would be so perfect for our den- where we do homeschool. but it's like 20 bucks- kind of a lot of money. as much as i wanted it {i even put it in my buggy/shopping cart while i tried to justify the purchase} i knew i would have buyer's remorse before i left the parking lot. so i thought, "hey, i could make this!"

so i did. a less perfect version- full of love.

i bought this stencil from hobby lobby for $3.99:

and i bought a white 18"x18" canvas for $8.99, i think.
i already had acrylic paint.

i cut the stencils so i could line up the
letters to fit the i ♥ u.

i happened to have the perfect size heart! 

there it is. the finished product. 
total cost: $14.05, including sales tax. not bad.


  1. OhhhQ!!! I LOVE it!!! It turned out so darling!!

  2. I *heart* this - like larger than life *heart* it! Jill, you're a crafty genius!

    I think etsy needs you . . . but you're probably gonna be busy this fall. Find a few linky parties to share your genius. Thankfully you're not stingy because not sharing this with all of blogdom would have been.

  3. I want one!
    Yours is art! Not just something you bought.
    looks amazing.
    I'll come by with my canvas soon, can I borrow Your stencil ;-)

  4. I agree with Caroline - yours is real art! L-O-V-E I-T! Do you have my name for Christmas? Just asking.... ;-)