no bake cookies with chocolate chips

these are one of our favorites! 
since it's so humid here, they take a
little longer to cook- so they don't come out gooey.

here's the recipe. notice the { } for changes based on how i made them.
No Bake Cookies with Chocolate Chips
•  2 cups sugar
•  1 cup butter {i used real butter}
•  1/2 cup milk
•  4 Tbsp cocoa
•  1 tsp vanilla {i didn't have any, so i left it out.
can't taste a difference.}
•  3 cups quick oats (also called rolled oats)
•  3/4 cup chocolate chips {i used mini chocolate chips
because that's all i had & i didn't measure}

combine the first four ingredients in a pan and boil 1 minute {i boiled it for a few minutes}. 
remove from heat.
add vanilla, oatmeal and chocolate chips.
stir until combined.

drop onto wax paper {i only had aluminum foil. does it really matter?}.
let cool... and partake!
who doesn't like a little extra chocolate?
the chocolate chips, although optional,
make these cookies melt in your mouth.

1 comment:

  1. Yummy! I love these and made some last week. My recipe also uses peanut butter so we'll have to try this and make it new and improved with chocolate chips!

    I'm so lazy and always make mine in the microwave. Guess I should teach my kids the real joy of cooking . . . not just the eating part. haha