designer pillows for girls room

these pillows turned out just like we had imagined!
i love when that happens. 
 i embroidered the initial of their first name on the front of the ruffled skirt pillows.
katherine wanted the pillow with
ribbon blossoms to be a smaller square.
i tried sewing them on with my sewing machine. bad idea.
hot glue, as it turns out, is more my style.
 this ribbon was so perfect for this project.
 here you can see the ribbon in it's original form, 
and how i wound it around to form each blossom.
ta-dah! perfect little pillow for perfect little girls.
i stitched up the bottom of the pillows by hand.
once their bunkbeds are finished, i'll post the
coordinating bedding with the designer pillows.

can't wait!


  1. Wow! Super cute! I love the soft buttery yellow and ruffles are my thing. You're right, the ribbon was perfect. That's my girl - love me some hot glue.

  2. love 'em! i need to make some for my girl's rooms too...another project on my list. :-)

  3. How cute!!!! I love how adorable the little ruffley flowers are!