Butterscotch Cake Balls

this weekend, i made Devil's Food cake balls with Chocolate Fudge icing. {normal.} 

THEN i had a brilliant idea to become Bakerella and make them look like cute pumpkins. {clever.}

{photo from Bakerella}

SO, i melt my Vanilla Candy Coating...and add some Wilton Orange Food Coloring. yes. i did. guess what happens when you do that...? the Candy Coating turns into hard, caramelized icing. {if you read the fine print on the Candy Coating package- you'll see that it clearly states that adding liquid or heating for too long will cause the Candy Coating to caramelize. :(   didn't read the fine print.} 

no worries... i've heard that melting morsels works just as well. i decided to experiment with Butterscotch Morsels.   y e s.  i  d i d .  {throughout my experimenting, the cake balls were chilling happily in the freezer.}

the Butterscotch Morsels melted okay, so i proceeded to dip the frozen cake balls.  they coated...okay. But as they dried, they were prickly.  that's when i remembered that adding a little vegetable oil to the morsels will make them melt thinner.  after a few seconds in the microwave, the Butterscotch Morsels were much easier to work with.  the cake balls coated beautifully...but still did NOT look like cute little pumpkins. {by-the-way, i'm not Bakerella.}   i realized i didn't have enough Butterscotch Morsels to coat each and every cake ball. not wanting to waste, i experimented a little with the now stiff icing-like Vanilla Candy Coating by adding a little vegetable oil.  it worked!  the Vanilla Candy Coating was now pliable enough to coat the remaining delectable chocolate cake balls.  though extremely sugary, the cake balls were delicious :)

{we've already eaten the Orange, Vanilla Candy Coated cake balls, 
so i had to eat a Butterscotch one for the picture.  it was hard to do, but i did it.}

next time, i'll be sure to buy colored Candy Melts.

ahh, i love happy endings :)

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