strawberry stuffed french toast

this is a celebratory breakfast!  this last saturday,
we were hosting some of our favorite people and our son 
was going to be baptized ~ what better reason to celebrate?!

you can find the original recipe here
i absolutely love her!

i chose to do it a little differently ~

we used slices of Texas toast for a couple of reasons:
first, because we live in Texas and it's the right thing to do!
second, it was the only thick bread available locally.

rather than make a "pocket" for the filling, 
we spread the filling on a slice of bread, topped it with a second slice,
dipped the entire thing in the egg mixture,
and cooked it on each side on the griddle.

top with powdered sugar and some fresh strawberries...

it is the best!

i've already requested it for my first breakfast home after having the baby,
and for my birthday. 
(which will be within weeks of each other - that shouldn't make it too hard to get back into shape, right?)

variation ~ we also made some with regularly sliced whole wheat bread.
it was just as delicious and more nutritious!


  1. Best breakfast ever!! Thanks for sharing! I think you need to let the cruise lines know about this since they claim to have such great food. lol

  2. mmm... that sounds PERFECT! brandon has a b-day coming up in a couple of weeks and i think i'll just have to make it for him. thanks for posting this!!!

  3. This looks like so much less work them the other one...but what did you use for filling? I will have to try this one...and so glad to see a new post! Not like you aren't super busy!