oh! the possibilities!!

i never thought of myself as the "cooking" type.
it wasn't until i began looking on my computer for new recipes
that i even thought of starting this blog!

one of my biggest inspirations is bakerella.
for johnny's graduation party last year,
i found the most adorable graduation caps 
on her website! they were such a hit at the party
that i wanted to do more and more!

needless to say, my computer and 
i spend a lot of time together...
from creating this blog (which is always a work in progress),
to finding new and fun recipes for 
my family and to share with you! 

now that i've come out of the icky morning sickness phase
of pregnancy, i am finding myself wanting to be
in the kitchen or on my computer looking
for crafts, recipes and ways to be creative.

it is so amazing to me what incredible things
people can think up.
i am in awe when i find blogs
that make me swoon! 

some of my favorite hot spots 
on the computer that i love
are on my left and right scrolling blog lists
feel free to check out any and all!
you won't be disappointed!


  1. the internet is so inspiring!
    I uses allrecipes almost EVERY day!

  2. You're inspiring!! I love your great ideas and the way you uplift me and make me want to try fun things again.