christmas advent calendar, stockings and tree skirt {aaaak!}

okay, i'm finally ready to reveal my
"magnum opus" ~ or is it opuses? or opi? 

isn't it beautiful?!

i thought long and hard about what to put in 
each pocket. i decided to make cute
cards on picnik with activities for us to do as a family.
they're wallet-size, so the pockets won't get stretched out.
clever? i think so. 

 i know i've said this before ~ i adore the little plug on
the end! all the little details make this so perfect! 
 on the 22nd, we'll be watching "rudolph the red-nosed reindeer".
i had to make new stockings this year since we had 
another baby. they turned out so precious! they're all
personalized with our names and the kids each
chose the picture on the front {to match the advent
calendar of course}. 
also, i found a great tutorial to make these stocking
holders. they're pottery barn copies and super cheap & easy
to make. i love love love them!

 i got this painting for my birthday in october. i love it so much 
i think we'll keep it up all year long.

 these styrofoam "trees" came from another tutorial. i can't find 
the link ~ sorry! if you want to make it, let me know and i'll 
either find it or tell you how to make it yourself.
 while i was at it, i decided to make a matching treeskirt. 
i'm not at all a seamstress, so it was much harder to make 
than i thought it would be ~ but totally worth it!

merry christmas!


  1. omgosh! absolutely adorable!!! i am so impressed. it looks like a lot of work, but you did such a great job. so great to see you posting again!

  2. You must NEVER sleep :) Chasing all those kids AND creating all this SUPER CUTENESS, dang girl, you're amazing!!!