homemade chicken noodle soup

it's fall! this is my favorite season.
i love the colors and the crisp cool cool-er air. {this is Texas.} 
to commemorate the occasion {and because yesterday was a busy day} i decided to make soup.
this recipe is a family favorite!

if you're short on time, or feeling a little blah ~ 
this is the perfect dish. 
{it's excellent to take over to a sick friend or
someone who just had a baby; or if you forgot you signed up to feed the missionaries. haha}

seriously, you are 15 minutes away from the best bowl of soup. ever.

8 cups water
8 chicken bouillon cubes {1 cube = 1 tsp.}
1 large package of wide egg noodles
1 can cream of chicken soup
1 can cream of celery soup
3 cups cooked chicken, diced or chopped
1 cup sour cream

bring water to boil. add bouillon cubes, let dissolve.
add noodles; cook about 10 minutes or until done. {follow package instructions for best cook time.}
DO NOT DRAIN! {hey, somebody might...}
add cream soups and cooked chicken.  heat through.
remove from heat. stir in sour cream.

a pot of this soup will feed our family of 7 {including 5 kids: ages 8 and under} for 2 meals.
and oh! let me tell you ~ it's way good leftover!

we like to eat it with Club, Ritz or even Saltine crackers.

how do you eat it?

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  1. This looks great and I am surprised how quickly you can make it! I will have to try it out!