the CUTEST little apron

if you liked my earlier post about the CUTEST apron, you'll LOVE it in miniature!

for my daughter, Ella's 3rd birthday last December, I made her an apron out of a halter-style shirt that would've fit my 8 year old daughter.  the fabric was precious!  i cut out the back and used that fabric to make ties. it's a full apron since the halter already tied around the neck.  she loved it!

i thought it would be fun to make Ella's older sisters aprons too!  hobby lobby had such great choices.  Katherine {8 yrs old} chose 2 prints and Olivia{5 yrs old} only wanted 1 print.

ok, so following the same steps, these are the measurements i used:

8 yr old: 

{i bought 1 yd of each print and had a LOT leftover.}

front panel/liner ~ 20"L x 14"W   
{i used the same print to line it as i did for the front- making it completely reversible. so cut these measurements 2x, one for the front and one for the liner.   you can use different prints, it just depends on if you want it reversible or not.}

waist band ~ 6"L x 14"W
{remember this is going to be folded in half and needs to be as wide as the front panel.} 

bottom band ~ 3"L x 14"W
{again, just like the waistband- folded in half; as wide as panel.}

ties ~ 28"L x 3"W 
{i just measured around her waist as if to tie in the front and estimated the added length for it to hang down.  remember, you need 2 ties, so cut twice.}
love! it!

5 yr old:

{i made a mistake and only bought 1/2 yard of 1 print- i barely had enough to make it}

front panel/liner ~ 16"L x 13"W
{cut twice}

waist band ~ 6"L x 13"W
{will be folded in half}

bottom band ~ 3"L x 13"W
{again, will be folded in half}

ties ~ 26"L x 3"W
{i goofed on this part and my ties ended up being super thin. it stilled turned out cute. 
maybe you'd like it better thin... you decide.} 

 we liked these so much that i made another one for my 5 yr old niece :)  
this would make a great gift idea ~ or even a fun party favor for a little girls party.


  1. Thanks for your comment on my pumpkin cinnamon chip cookies. Super cute blog and super cute family too. Take care!

  2. Those are presh! I'm working on one right now that I'll hopefully be able to post soon.

  3. Oh-my-goodness! How cute are these! I've become a sucker for aprons. For me and my daughter. I might have to try these sometime. I'm not much of a seamstress, but I think I could produce this. Oh, you're right. Your pumpkin recipe sounds great. I'll have to add it to my recipes.