as part of Friend Makin Monday, i forgot to list some of the things i cannot live without, oops!

so here goes...{mostly out of order}

1. my husband and kids {for obvious reasons}

2. Turbo Jam {love, Love, LOVE}

3. holidays {the decorating, the cooking, the company}

4. blogging = internet = computer

{guess which one i have... guess which one i want}

5. my Bowflex weights

6. my faith

7. air conditioning


8. chocolate

9. my washing machine/dryer/dishwasher

{someday i'll have a Bosch}

 10. my food processor and The Sneaky Chef

{i use this cookbook almost every day! this morning i made Fortified French Toast...YU-UM!}

leave a comment with your list! 


  1. I like the food processor and sneaky chef book!

  2. great list! 10 things i can't live without:
    1. my husband
    2. my faith
    3. my camera (i <3 nikon!)
    4. my tivo
    5. books!
    6. the internet (i'm hooked on blogs)
    7. ice cream (i am my father's daughter)
    8. my cats (they're like kids, but less maintenance. lol)
    9. my weekly date with the hubby
    10. my friends!

  3. Looks like we share many of the same "necessities". Thanks for sharing!! I have got to do better with keeping up with Friend Makin Monday. . . .I keep missing it!!!