disinfecting wipes

every bathroom and kitchen should have  
disinfecting wipes ~ but they don't have to be expensive!

i made this the other day, to try it out and it is blog-worthy!

gather up:

a measuring cup
cutting board
{the strongest, most affordable ~
i bought Great Value so see how well it compares to Bounty. it's pretty good, but next time i may try Viva.}
multi-purpose cleaner  
{i'm using Lysol because it smells clean and it was pretty cheap.}

Clorox or Lysol container
{or even recycle a baby wipes container}

cut the paper towel in half.

remove the cardboard middle.

put the paper towels into the container and pull the middle up slightly.
 {this part was tricky because the paper towels were too wide to fit
~ so i had to manually re-wrap it to tighten it up... a little time, but worth it.}

pour 1 1/2 cups of water
1/2 cup multi-purpose cleaner
onto the paper towel.

replace the lid and let it soak up the cleaner.
{it only takes a sec}

 there ya go!

you can clean and disinfect
without breaking the bank :)

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  1. um I just ran out of these! how'd you know!? I am so excited to try this one too!

  2. what a cool idea! i LOVE my clorox wipes, but i hate paying so much for them. thanks for the tip!