egg in the middle

you've heard of egg in the middle haven't you? maybe you call it hole in one...??
well, if you've never heard of it, or even if you have, you'll love it!   it's easy-peasy! {as my kids say}

set your electric griddle between 325-350°F.


 butter both sides of the bread.

using any shape cookie cutter {i chose a }, cut out the middle of the bread.

place the bread slice on the griddle, put a dab of butter in the middle.


crack an egg and carefully put it in the cutout.   salt and pepper if you want.

cook as many as you want/need- electric griddles are a must for a large family :)
cook the cutouts too- they're great dipped in syrup!

flip them over, as you would a slice of toast or fried egg.

     that's it! easy-peasy egg in the middle!


    cut it up, serve it with syrup or plain or with powdered sugar- however you like it!

     happy breakfast!


    1. I totally want to make this now!
      and I LOVE LOVE LOVE your dining room table!

    2. thanks! it's the table my dad made and we used growing up~ i inherited it! {prematurely, since they bought a new one.} we love it too.

    3. We called this a peek-a-boo egg.

      So fun for the kids. This post brings me back. I'll have to make this soon!